Thanks to all the teams that submitted proposals. Some proposals are still under consideration. The proposals that have the submission numbers listed below will not progress further.


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Call for proposals to address Smart Logistics Challenges

Submit your proposal by 31st August 2022, 5pm CEST time.

For answers to any questions you may have, please access the recording of our information webinar

After watching the webinar, if you have any remaining questions, please

Another opportunity to ask questions is to join an information session on zoom at 18:45 on 23rd August

Do you have an innovative idea to address smart logistics challenges in Africa?

Apply to DIGILOGIC Challenges to:
  • Participate in a 3-day Bootcamp in Europe with relevant experts (costs of accommodation, flights, and visas can be paid by the Digilogic project).

  • Enjoy 12 months of support (85 hours) from technology, business and logistics experts from Europe and Africa.
  • Have 12 months of access to Digital Innovation Hubs facilities in Africa and Europe (up to 85 hours)
  • Enjoy marketing support to meet investors and uptakers

Selection Criteria:

Digilogic invites proposals focused on digital logistics in one of four phases of the value chain:

end-user experience

Proposals shall:

  • Briefly explain the types of goods (e.g. bulk materials, small consumer goods) to be transported with which infrastructures (e.g. for air, land, water)
  • Briefly explain how affordability, efficiency, inclusivity, and especially sustainability will be improved in the target phase.
  • Briefly explain how positive change will be brought to the overall value chain including how the overall reliability of the value chain will be improved.
  • Be inclusive in addressing the digital divide, social inequalities, and geographical exclusion.
  • Preferably enable logistics between rural areas / urban areas.
  • Anticipated job creation.
  • Own resources available to be used.

Proposal Information, Submission and Format:

  • Submitted via: Digilogic Community Platform.
  • At least: in written English; in bullet points; 200 words maximum
  • In addition, applicants can submit audio recordings and video recordings (*awaiting technical ok). (these should include a visual representation (e.g. a picture, a diagram) and local languages).
  • Proposal Headings: Challenge solution including the type of goods and infrastructure involved; Positive change to target value chain phase; Positive change to overall value chain including overall reliability; Positive change to addressing the digital divide, social inequalities, and geographical exclusion; Focus on rural areas, on urban areas, or rural areas and urban areas; Job creation; Approximate capital investment needed to start; own resources to be used.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Impact Potential: an actual user problem is solved and can potentially be scaled.
  • Development Stage: idea-stage startups to scale-stage startups – all are invited (mentoring will be co-designed to suit stage and focus).
  • Role of Technology: social innovation is as important as technical innovation.
  • Motivation/Team Fit: Entrepreneurial drive and fit with selection criteria.
  • Gender Mainstreaming Principles will be applied: each team should have female participant(s).
  • Applications from African, European, African / European teams are welcome (teams from one continent will be connected with the other continent during the bootcamp and subsequent activities).
  • Applications accepted from Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Finland, Germany, Italy. Also, from Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe.
  • At least one team member should have some English language skills.
  • At least two members should be able to commit to full participation in the programme.

Successful Proposals:

Successful proposals will participate in a 12-month program beginning with a three-day boot camp, which is followed by:

  • Up to 85 hours of access to Digital Innovation Hubs’ (DIH) facilities in Africa and Europe.
  • Up to 85 hours of tailored mentoring / coaching / peer support.
  • Opportunities to connect with innovation networks and large companies


Challenges Launch

DIGILOGIC Call for Challenges will be published and widely promoted, detailing the scope, the objectives, the structure of the proposals and of course the benefits for the selected teams.

May 2022
August 2022

Submissions Close

The last day for submission of proposals is 31st August 2022.

Proposals Evaluation

Each proposal will be evaluated by at least two reviewers. The selected 12 smart logistics projects will be announced and will enter into the DIGILOGIC Digital Innovation Hubs mentoring, monitoring and implementation programme.
October 2022
November/December 2022


The 12 selected teams will be invited to attend DIGILOGIC 3-Day Bootcamp to meet a cohort of experts (technology experts, industry, investors), work together to refine their solutions and finally pitch their project.

Projects Implementation

Each project will be associated to a mentoring DIH to ensure constant monitoring of the work progress, resolution of bottlenecks and support. Mentoring and facility usage vouchers will be granted to the 12 teams while DIGILOGIC will work to connect the innovators with experts, potential clients and additional resources.

October 2023

Demo Day

The best-developed projects will be invited to showcase their results at DIGILOGIC Demo Day, possibly co-located with a major relevant event to facilitate their uptake.


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