Digital transformation to support last-mile distribution: overcoming barriers together

Global Distributors Collective (GDC) & Energy Catalyst

5 areas of dialogue and action for digital service providers and other industry players to contribute to better digital solutions for last-mile distributors

Digital solutions have become an integral part of the last mile distribution sector. They hold tremendous potential to increase efficiencies when operating at scale.
Needless to say, digital solutions helped many last-mile distributors (LMDs) to rapidly respond to Covid-19 related challenges, including restrictions imposed on physical movements of agents and assets. Over the course of the pandemic, many LMDs accelerated their digital transformation processes, including the use of mobile money payments, remote sales agent or retailer training, and setting up online stores/e-catalogues.
In the longer-term, these solutions will help companies grow and prepare for a future in which more and more of their customers use the internet and mobile banking to find and purchase products and services, and to address the challenges associated with scaling up operations, entering new markets and diversifying product offerings.

The Global Distributors Collective (GDC) is a collective of last mile
distributors around the world. The GDC is dedicated to supporting
distributors to help them reach millions of underserved customers with
beneficial products, and to developing the sector as a whole.

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