Systems thinking to transform critical mile logistics in Africa

The DIGILOGIC consortium conducted a systemic deep dive into the transport and logistics system at the critical mile in Africa to uncover its core dynamics and driving forces of the sector. Through desktop research, interviews with key stakeholders, and two expert online consultation sessions, DIGILOGIC identified levers for change to make the critical mile logistics in Africa more efficient, affordable, inclusive, and sustainable.

Digital solutions are helping to optimize the transport and logistics sector in Africa, from matching platforms and smart warehousing to digital addresses. Nevertheless, many challenges remain and too few solutions are scaling. Optimizing parts of the logistics sector is not enough. The DIGILOGIC consortium is on a quest. We want digital solutions to transform the logistics sector. To do this we are taking a systemic approach and aiming to spur collaboration between DIHs in Africa and Europe. Our aim is to create dynamic partnerships that lead to more efficient, affordable, inclusive, and sustainable critical mile logistics.