Calculating estimated times of arrival (ETA) with Artificial Intelligence

The declared goal of every logistics service provider is to provide its customers with reliable arrival times. In the development project “Building an AI-based ETA service”, the scientists are now setting up a learning system in the form of an open framework. From an end-user perspective, the AI-powered ETA service improves the accessibility of intermodal […]

Palette identification with Artificial Intelligence

The service enables companies to uniquely identify load carriers camera-based and only on the basis of their external features. In a first step, the focus was on the classic Euro wooden pallet (“Pallet Fingerprint”), as these do not contain any conventional identification features and imprints are not durable due to colour changes and wood abrasion. […]

Autonomous transport in logistics facilities with Artificial Intelligence

In most companies, delivery notes are still classified and processed by employees. With the application, this process can be automated: The software classifies scanned documents with the help of automatic text recognition. It then evaluates the contents. In addition, the programme can trigger further processes on the basis of the delivery notes, for example, create […]

Designing a financing mechanism for the e-mobility sector in East Africa

One of the main challenges in the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is high upfront cost compared to ICE vehicles. Challenge of high cost of asset(s) is further aggravated with lack of affordable financing with both lack of affordable financing both for manufacturing and with purchase of the vehicles. Lack of affordable finance is due […]

Digital transformation to support last-mile distribution: overcoming barriers together

Global Distributors Collective (GDC) & Energy Catalyst 5 areas of dialogue and action for digital service providers and other industry players to contribute to better digital solutions for last-mile distributors Digital solutions have become an integral part of the last mile distribution sector. They hold tremendous potential to increase efficiencies when operating at scale.Needless to […]