Towards an enhanced Africa-EU Cooperation on Transport and Connectivity

Report by the Task Force on Transport and Connectivity

The European Union and the African Union launched in early 2019 the Africa-Europe Alliance Transport Taskforce to exchange views and deliver recommendations to enhance transport cooperation. With this aim, the Task Force provided a platform of partnership for the private sector, donors, international organisations, financial institutions and civil society based on a shared understanding of how an Africa-Europe strengthened Transport Connectivity network can achieve cross-border integration, accelerate sustainable development and bring benefits to all citizens.

During the first six months of 2019, the discussions held within the Transport Task Force (TTF) paved the way for a final report illustrating the key challenges, and suggesting actions aimed to achieve sustainable and efficient connectivity – which must also be people-friendly.

The results of work under the Transport Task Force are providing an important contribution to the EU’s upcoming comprehensive strategy on Africa, Europe’s close neighbour and most natural partner, and also a continent full of opportunity and potential for cooperation.